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The HP Printers are the best in its class printers offering you high-quality printing with exceptional speeds. There are various types of HP Printers present designed to meet specific tasks and functions. Be it for home, work, schools, and large office, HP has a printer that is perfect for it. 123 hp com setup process is easy for any printer which you can complete it without wasting much time. You can download the software from 123.hp.com and efficiently finish the 123 hp com setup in a jiffy. The 123 hp com setup process may look hard, but its a very simple process that you can complete by following the steps given below. Not to mention, HP keeps introducing brand new printers with new and interesting features designed to make the users happy and contended

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Hardware Setup

All the HP Printers follow a similar 123.hp.com/setup process

Note: For LaserJet printers, perform the ‘Loading the Paper’ process, then turn your printer on, Moreover, there is no ‘Cartridge Installation’ process in the HP LaserJet printers, HP LaserJet printers come with inbuilt toner cartridges, you don’t need to worry about it


  • To begin with, remove your HP Printer from its box. Place the HP Printer on a clean and even surface with enough ventilation
  • Now remove the packing materials from around the printer including the plastic tapes. Ensure to remove the protective film from the printer’s control panel. Open the input tray and remove the tapes from there
  • Following this, if your printer is not a LaserJet printer, open the ink cartridge access door, then remove the packing materials from there.
  • In some LaserJet printers, you have to remove the packing materials from the toner cartridge. Finally, recycle all the packing materials
Turning the Printer on

Turning the Printer on

  • Now use the power cord and connect it to the rear of your HP Printer
  • Thereafter insert the power cord into a wall socket
  • Next, turn your HP Printer on by pressing the power button
  • Following this, set your preferences accordingly


  • Make sure to use the power cord that came along with your HP printer
  • Also some of the new HP printers come with power cord attached
  • So you have to just plug the power cord into the electrical socket

Cartridge Installation

  • To start with, open the ink cartridge access door. Next, remove the ink cartridge from its package. Thereafter remove the tape/tab from the cartridge.
  • If there is a lid on the cartridge slot, lift it and snap the ink cartridge into its respective slot. Close the lid if present
  • Repeat the same steps with the remaining ink cartridges. Finally, close the ink cartridge access door

Note : While removing the ink cartridge ensure not to touch the ink nozzles. Also make sure not to touch the copper contacts

Loading the paper

  • Now open/pull out the input tray of the HP printer. Adjust the paper guides to the outermost position. Fan a stack of paper properly before loading it into the input tray.
  • Subsequently, adjust the paper guides to make them rest against the paper edges. Finally, close/push the input tray

Note : If you are using a US-legal or larger size paper, don’t close the input tray. Don’t overload the paper into the input tray. Know the maximum holding quantity of the HP printer before you load the paper

Aligning the printer

  • Some HP printers print out an alignment page
  • After opening the scanner lid, place the alignment page face down on the scanner glass
  • Finally, close the scanner lid and press the ‘OK’, ‘black’, or ‘color’ button

The hardware side of the 123 hp com setup is complete, now you can start the Wireless setup


  • If you are opting for an Ethernet connection, connect the Ethernet cable to the printer and a wall jack
  • Skip the Wireless Setup and go to ‘Software Installation’

Printers without a touch screen panel

WPS method

  • Ensure that your network router supports the WPS push button. Now press and hold the ‘Wireless’ button on your printer for 3 seconds until the wireless light starts to flash
  • Subsequently, locate the WPS button on your network router, then press it and hold it for a few seconds until the pairing initiates.
  • After a few moments, the wireless 123 hp com setup will be completed

Note : Ensure to complete the process within 2 minutes

USB connection

Refer to the ‘Software Installation’ process for this method

Wireless Setup

Printers with a touchscreen control panel

  • Firstly, open the ‘Wireless Settings’ on your HP printer control panel. Next, choose the ‘Wireless Setup Wizard’ option
  • Select your wireless network from the list of networks displayed. Enter your network key or passphrase to connect your HP Printer to the network

Note : Make sure to enter the network key properly and include upper-case characters wherever necessary. If you forgot your network key, you can obtain it from the bottom of your network router. However, if your wireless network doesn’t show up, you can add your network manually. To add your network manually, select ‘Add a network’, then enter your wireless network name

Software Installation

This is the final step of the 123 hp com setup process

  • On your computer, navigate to 123.hp.com via a web browser
  • Thereafter enter the HP model name into the given field
  • Now download the software on your computer
  • Following this, open the software and complete the 123 hp com setup by following the simple on-screen directions
  • If you are opting for USB connection, then during the installation, choose the connection type as ‘USB’
  • Now when prompted by the software connect and disconnect the USB cable between the printer and the computer


  • During installation choose the connection type as ‘Ethernet connection’ if you are using a wired setup

Mobile Printing

You can connect your HP Printer to your smartphone and start printing with it

  • Download the HP Smart App on your iOS or Android device
  • After it installs, open the app and add your printer
  • Now begin printing in a jiffy!

Driver Download

Printer drivers help you to access the various functions of your HP Printer. Follow the steps below to download the compatible driver for your computer

  • In the first place, navigate to support.hp.com using a browser. Select ‘Printers’ as your product after choosing ‘Software and Drivers’. Thereafter enter your HP printer model in the given field
  • Click on the ‘Search’ icon and you will be displayed the list of drivers available for you. To download the driver, click the ‘Download’ icon beside the driver. Lastly, install the driver on your computer by following the easy directions on your screen

Note : It is recommended to download the ‘Full feature Software and Drivers’ package. If you are using a Mac computer, you can manually download the drivers by navigating to the Apple website. The list of drivers will vary according to the printer model


HP Print and Scan Doctor

  • This software helps you detect and get rid of any issues that arise with your HP Printer
  • Additionally, this software detects and eliminates any malware present in your computer

HP Printer Offline

  • If you encounter this issue while printing, then make your printer as the default printer. If the issue persists, restart all your devices including the router and your computer
  • Perform the wireless setup once again and try printing

Print Jobs Stuck in Queue

If the print jobs are stuck in the queue and you are not able to print any further, follow the steps below

  • First, delete the print jobs by stopping the Printer spooler
  • Then restart your devices and try to print
  • If the issue persists, delete the printer drivers from your computer
  • Thereafter reinstall them and try to print

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